To whom it may concern:

Dr. D.S. Ping has requested me to intercede in his behalf concerning the letter of recommendation.

My relationship with Dr. Ping began in 1983 on a business level as he was establishing himself as a sports agent and I was just beginning to negotiate contracts for the Denver Broncos.

I quickly discovered that he was a mentally tough and aggressive person. Doesn’t take no for an answer, a hard-line negotiator, but very fair and honest. He is one of the very few sports agents in the business who has won the admiration and respect of all the NFL team negotiators as being a solid person and an excellent business man. Once Doc gives you his word that an agreement has been reached, it’s done, you can count on, he delivers; there is no mincing of words with him.

A super organized individual, goal oriented with a relentless desire to be the best at what he does. He fully understands his role in relationship to others and is unselfish in his motivational goals. He has always been sensitive to the desires and aspirations of his clients, being very careful never to diminish or bargain away their futures. He truly investigates and believes in them also. He also commands unusually rare expertise in the areas of physical fitness. His clients swear by his workouts.

Doc is a quiet extroverted salesman. He is open and honest but knows how to listen and share in conversations without dominating and annoying people. He has that natural soft sell approach and tends to be a closer, and I might add, knows when to close a deal.

Over the last seven years and during my present tenure as Pro-Personnel Director at the Los Angeles Raiders, our business relationships have not developed to the degree that I consider Doc to be a very good friend. He is a person tied and bound together with strong moral fiber and character. He truly understands the meaning of loyalty and trust. An excellent family man, an outstanding father.

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. D.S. Ping without reservation and beyond reproach as a bona fide and most dignified professional.


George M. Karras
Director, Pro-Personnel