ImagePeople are attracted to JISHUKAN-RYU JUJITSU for exercise, relaxation and self protection purposes. In this martial art, practice and good instruction are more important than a person's age, size, strength or weight. Children as young as three years old can start instruction; and because of JISHUKAN-RYU JUJITSU's form versatility, students can look forward to a lifetime of training in pursuit of mastery of this martial art.


      Fellowship: We must treat each other with respect, adhering closely to the following guidelines:

  • A Practitioner must guide and practice with courtesy
  • A Practitioner must guide and practice with kindness
  • A Practitioner must guide and practice with sincerity

      Instructors and students are our ambassadors in the community, living by our commitments and showing others our continual progress and cultural value. Our doors are open to all people, regardless of ethnic origin or personal beliefs.

      The guiding principles and values of our organization must be pursued in a responsible manner and must never be compromised.