ImageDr. Ping has been an NFL Players Association Certified contract advisor since 1983. Dr. Ping has represented and trained many athletes. Below are some of the players that Dr. Ping is representing now or represented in the past. Dr. Ping has represented these players and many more. His contract and training originization Ping's Professional Sports Agency has been featured in the New York Times and in local newspapers all over the country. On page C14 of the July 28, 1997 New York Times (pdf of article here) the article says this about Dr. Ping:

Image"His agent, Dr. Da-I Ping - a holistic practitioner near Detroit who also represents athletes, including Raiders cornerback Lionel Washington - told Sheldon that he probably would not be drafted that spring. Still, Ping promised to get him a chance at the pros, and he delivered a week later."

Dr. Ping provides physical conditioning to players along with representation. His intense pre-camp conditioning has given his gym the nickname "House of Pain." Dr. Ping's workout combines martial arts training with aerobic resistance training using hydraulic machines and pool work to provide players with the physical and mental conditioning they need to succeed on the field. Dr.Ping nurtures the talents of players finding their way into professional sports and works tirelessly to find them opportunities to showcase their skills.

"Doesn't take no for an answer, a hard line negotiator, but very fair and honest." George M. Karras, Director of Pro Personnel for the Los Angeles Raiders in a 1993 letter about Dr. Ping.

ImagePPSA's services go beyond representation and conditioning. Dr. Ping helps players with money management, to ensure they will have enough after their football carreers.

"He has a good relationship with his players, It's not just an agent-football player relationship - he listens to your problems and he tries to be there" Jerome Davis, 49er's Defensive End speaking about Dr. Ping in a 1997 Ann Arbor news article.

Ping's Professional Sports Agency will continue to provide excellent representation and conditioning for years to come. PPSA has also recently expanded into representation and training of National Hockey League and Canadian Football League players. If you are interested in discussing a player with Dr. Ping or are a player looking for a representative and trainer, please contact Ping's Professional Sports Agency.