Resistance Training

One of the goals of Dr. Ping's program is to develop the injury-resistant athlete.  This goal is considered in the creation of all areas of the program, including resistance training.  The athletes must be strong; however, they must also have muscular endurance and flexibility to eliminate fatigue on the field and reduce injury.  In a sense, one can compare athletes to oak or bamboo trees.  Both are strong. However, in the face of severe conditions such as storms and high winds, the oak will break due to its inflexibility.  The bamboo, on the other hand, has the capacity to bend without breaking and survive the storm. 

Many traditional programs place emphasis on power and lack endurance, which may lead to injury. Dr. Ping's program addresses both areas.  This is evident in the types of resistance used, the design of the routine and rest times, and the types of exercise selected.  For example, pull-ups are performed on a towel draped over the pull-up bar.  The athlete grabs the towel much like climbing a rope.  This not only targets the latissimus dorsi and biceps, but improves abdominal and hand strength as well.